Choosing a Monument

We guarantee all of our granite memorials to be manufactured from the best quality stock available for its color. Each memorial is inspected for cracks and unacceptable flaws. All of the engraving is done in Carman by our fully trained and qualified staff. The production of each memorial is overseen by either the owner or the shop foreman, ensuring our high standards are maintained 100%.

Delivery and installation is also completed by our fully trained staff. We make a point of knowing the regulations and installation details for each cemetery we work in. Therefore each memorial is placed with care and accuracy. In many situations, it is inevitable that the memorial may “lean” as the grave settles. For a ten year period after the installation of any memorial, we will guarantee to re-level it free of charge, upon notification by the family.

Generally speaking, monument prices are affected by the choice of material, color, size, style and the amount of polish. For example, an upright monument polished on the front & back, with the sides and top left rough, will cost less than a monument the same size and material which is polished on the front, back, top & sides. There are a variety of accessories available which, if chosen, will affect the final price of the monument unit.

We believe you will find our prices are very reasonable. We offer a number of different styles of monuments. A wide variety with options from small personal markers to larger upright monuments and from traditional to contemporary shapes. You are sure to find a monument to fit your family’s needs. If you have a specific design idea for a monument shape, we can even have a unique, custom monument created to match your design.

Monument Styles

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Slanted Face Uprights

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