Choosing a Monument

We guarantee all of our granite memorials to be manufactured from the best quality stock available for its color. Each memorial is inspected for cracks and unacceptable flaws. All of the engraving is done in Carman by our fully trained and qualified staff. The production of each memorial is overseen by either the owner or the shop foreman, ensuring our high standards are maintained 100%.

Delivery and installation is also completed by our fully trained staff. We make a point of knowing the regulations and installation details for each cemetery we work in. Therefore each memorial is placed with care and accuracy. In many situations, it is inevitable that the memorial may “lean” as the grave settles. For a ten year period after the installation of any memorial, we will guarantee to re-level it free of charge, upon notification by the family.

Generally speaking, monument prices are affected by the choice of material, color, size, style and the amount of polish. For example, an upright monument polished on the front & back, with the sides and top left rough, will cost less than a monument the same size and material which is polished on the front, back, top & sides. There are a variety of accessories available which, if chosen, will affect the final price of the monument unit.

We believe you will find our prices are very reasonable. We offer a number of different styles of monuments. A wide variety with options from small personal markers to larger upright monuments and from traditional to contemporary shapes. You are sure to find a monument to fit your family’s needs. If you have a specific design idea for a monument shape, we can even have a unique, custom monument created to match your design.

Monument Styles

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Slanted Face Uprights

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Granite is by far the most durable material used today. Marble is very soft in comparison and weathers over time. (You’ve all seen older whiter monuments that you can no longer read because of surface deterioration or lack of contrast) Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and therefore provides natural contrast between the polished surface and the engraving. Also, most granites cost less than marble.

Some cemeteries have regulations that must be taken into consideration when choosing a monument. We endeavour to stay current in this area in order to guide you appropriately.

Monuments for Cremation vs. Traditional Casket Burial
Unless regulated by the cemetery, there is no difference in choosing a monument for a loved one who was cremated vs. buried in a traditional casket. You will be given full freedom in your choice of the monument

In an effort to keep choosing a memorial simple, the following is a list of what is included when purchasing a memorial from Carman Granite & Marble Works.

• the monument or marker of your choice
• selected standard designs from our collection of over 10,000
• all lettering to be engraved when first produced (See note below under “Extra’s”)
• proper sized standard gray base
• properly sized foundation
• delivery & installation within our main service area
• all Application/Administration/Perpetual Care fees, as levied by regulated cemeteries.
• scaled computer drawing, upon request
• our 10 year “Keep it level” guarantee
• full material & craftsmanship guarantee

Note: The greatest misunderstanding about what is included in the purchase of a memorial concerns future engraving of the death date. Carman Granite has never collected fees for this service in advance. Why?

It is illegal to collect money for services to be provided in the future, without establishing a trust account for that money. It becomes too cumbersome & expensive to administer small trust accounts, since the fee for completing this work is minimal.

We have seen situations where estate executors were not aware of where the original memorial was crafted. In making arrangements with another company to complete the final information, any prepaid funds would be lost.

In an effort to eliminate that possibility & at the same time ensure that future engraving will match exactly, Carman Granite can provide you with a Direction & Authorization document. When placed with your will, you will ensure that your estate executors know how to contact us when the time comes.

When it comes to repairing & restoring existing monuments, you can be assured that our experience in the industry since 1922 comes in very handy. Whether it be raising & releveling crooked monuments or refurbishing the lettering & designs of a hard to read monument, we specialize in restorations of any kind.

We will provide expert analysis & review all possible options in an effort to restore the beauty of any older monument.

Looking for more information?

Carman Granite believes in providing superior service and the highest quality memorial product. If you would like more information please reach out using the form below. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.